Most frequent questions and answers

A transaction coordinator (TC) manages the administrative details, timelines & compliance requirements/needs from contract to closing. In some cases, TCs also serve as an additional resource to assist the agent’s buyers/sellers with general (non-license required) questions & provide weekly updates.

Our office hours are Mon-Fri 9:00am to 5:00pm. All new contracts are opened ASAP in the order they are received within the same business day (or following business day if received after 4:00pm). If a new file is received on a weekend or holiday, escrow will be opened ASAP the following business day.

If you are closing 1 or more transaction(s) per month, hiring a TC is one of the easiest ways to keep you organized & lighten your workload so you can spend more time with clients, negotiate, network & get more homes under contract.

We ask that you please do your best not to contact our TCs outside of business hours, however we do understand there occasionally are emergencies or urgent matters. In that case, please call/text (for urgent matters only).

No, Admin by Design will act ONLY as the TC for the Real Estate Broker. Admin by Design is NOT the Broker of Record and shall not perform any professional real estate services. Any provisions inserted in the transaction documents are drafted by Real Estate Broker and pursuant to Real Estate Broker’s express instructions. Admin by Design’s role is that of a scrivener.

It depends! If you are utilizing our “client care package,” the answer is yes. Your clients will receive next steps, useful instructions & weekly updates from your TC directly. We act as an additional resource and are available by phone, text, or email. All communications are transparent to the real estate agent.

If you are utilizing our “basic paperwork” package, we do NOT communicate with your clients directly outside of gathering initials/signatures on your behalf.

No, we do not write offers (no, not even for an additional fee). Our responsibility begins once the sale agreement has been mutually accepted.

Absolutely! Admin by Design will not release or share any confidential information with outside parties for any reason. This information includes, but is not limited to, agent + client contact information, passwords + account information, proprietary documents + systems, and any other information not considered of public record except under subpoena, court order, or regulatory demand.

We do not. Our TC services are managed remotely and can nearly always be accomplished online/electronically. That being said, we would LOVE to meet you in person for a coffee, lunch or attend your client events if we can make it work with our schedule(s). We take the “team” approach when it comes to working with our agents, and truly enjoy being part of your business.

Yes, we can! If you need pre-listing assistance, please refer to our RMLS pre-listing package.

Our most frequently used systems/programs are Skyslope, KW Command, Paperless Pipeline, Outlook, Google Drive, Dropbox, DocuSign, Digisign, Trackxi, DigiSign. If you do not see a program you use here, we’re adaptable- it’s our job to make your life easier!

Note- We do update agent’s specific CRMs or databases or checklists.